NLP in Business

NLP Business Programmes

Ab Intra Solutions uses the transformational techniques of NLP and the CreatingYour Future™ Coaching processes in all ranges of business contexts to significantly accelerate performance.

For businesses, we design unique and bespoke programmes based upon your individual business requirements, taking into account your company values and culture.


How can NLP be used in business?

NLP has many applications in business, including:

  • Increase your sales performance – face to face or over the telephone

  • Accelerate business growth

  • Business coaching using NLP

  • Improve your communication skills

  • Negotiation and influencing skills

  • Change or Culture Management

  • Increase your customer service skills

  • Grow your relationship management skills

  • Managing individuals and teams

  • Improve morale and motivation

  • Increase productivity & efficiencies

  • Advance the delivery of your presentations and proposals

  • Excel at recruitment and selection

Whether you think that you or your employees can benefit from one, two or a combination of all of the above applications of NLP, contact us to find out more about how we can assist you.

We can organise a bespoke NLP business course for you in any location within the UK.


NLP Business Practitioner Courses

Our Certified NLP Business Practitioner course is also an excellent development programme to increase results and performance in a business context.  This course builds upon our popular Intensive NLP Practitioner course, however is delivered specifically for your team or company, with a focus on business applications.  We can also deliver our Certified NLP Business Practitioner course in a modularlised format and either in your workplace or an external venue, to ensure that it has minimal impact on your business.